MANBOX Poster digital edition 2014

MANBOX Poster digital edition 2014
MANBOX Poster digital edition 2014

I am proud to present my new digital edition print MANBOX poster.

The original MANBOX screen-print (edition 200) was an impromptu installation work which was exhibited on shop-fronts boarded up after the destruction and looting which took place during the Toxteth riots in Liverpool in 1981. A series of contemporary photographs recently printed from original scanned negatives have formed the basis for new work exhibited locally and in the exhibition space in New York in 2013.

The Palace of Culture on secondlife?

SL - The Palace of Culture - Entrance
This is the view of the front of the Palace of Culture unit in Liam Square, Aelburt, Secondlife.
SL - The Palace of Culture - Posters
“Posters” series dIsplayed on the right-hand wall of the gallery.
SL - The Palace of Culture - Strip
“Strip” series dIsplayed on the left-hand wall of the gallery.


SL - The Palace of Culture - Back
View of the gallery showing the media screen.
Currently showing Head Plate.


View of the gallery showing the media viewing screen currently showing Head Plate, The Palace of Culture.

Creatives Rising exhibition Saturday 5th October, New York.



Hi Michael,

We’re gearing up for the big Creatives Rising event on Saturday, featuring inspiring artwork by thousands of See.Me members, including YOU!

Your artwork will be projected onto a massive skyscraper. It will also be viewable on flatscreen monitors in the See.Me Exhibition Space.

Your image is scheduled to be projected on the skyscraper at 6:58.

Please note, this is an approximate time. Plan to get there at least 10-15 minutes beforehand, and keep in mind that your image may not appear for up to 10-15 minutes after your allotted time.

Images will appear in alphabetical order by last name. Over the course of the event, each artist’s image will appear once on the skyscraper.

Inside the See.Me Exhibition Space, your image will be shown on the following screen:
Screen 1

The screens in the See.Me Exhibition Space will also be showing artwork in alphabetical order by last name. These screens will be on a one-hour loop (approximately).

Check out more information about the event, including directions to the projection gardens and the See.Me Exhibition Space, at

The address of the See.Me exhibition space is:
26-19 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY
11101 map >>

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Team See.Me

Scratchy Super 8 film

Play at Fullscreen and TURN UP THE VOLUME!

Scratchy Super 8 circa 1982

3.30 minutes.

Super 8 mm colour film shot in Liverpool in or around 1982. The film is a documentation of a performance event, but it came back from processing underexposed. I took a craft knife and scratched along the entire length of the film. This was tele-cined onto VHS in 1986 at the Guildford Video Workshop, re-edited with slow motion effects and set to a New Order track. This new version uploaded to youTube was submitted as a video response to the NIN Ghosts Film Festival.

Images chosen for Story of the Creative exhibition in New York

For those of us who didn’t get to visit the exhibition at

See|Exhibition Space
26-19 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, Queens
New York, NY 11101

Until 10th September 2013.

Hi Michael, Congratulations again on your inclusion in our current digital exhibition, The Story of the Creative. A number of artists have asked to see which images we selected. Below, please find links to the images of yours that are included in the exhibition:

Mr Bow
MANBOX Comic strip
Posters – Litter Bin, Lodge Lane, Liverpool